Rich’s #Rocketober (part 1)

Hm, looks like I’ve never directly mentioned #Rocketober here. Apogee Components is encouraging people to post a rocketry-related picture a day this month. I caught up on the Day 1 theme later but have done Days 2 through 24, so far, on Twitter ( on a daily basis without missing one… no, stop being impressed. I went into TweetDeck after a few days and spent a half hour or so queueing up scheduled tweets for the rest of the month. All but Day 30 which I’ll add as soon as the Nike-G is finished and photographed.

Tonight I put my Rocketober tweets so far into a Storify story, which I’ll update until the month is over.

Longtime readers (if there are any!) will perhaps recognize most of the pictures as having been posted here. In fact in a lot of cases I downloaded the picture from this blog, that being easier than finding, resizing, and watermarking the original from my computer’s hard drive. There are a few new or otherwise unpublished ones, though.



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