Secret Last Hurrah

Saturday before Thanksgiving, so it was Walt’s Secret Santa day at Walt’s HobbyTown. Inside, things were pretty much as usual for the Syracuse Rocket Club: Rockets on dispay,2016-11-19-10-27-19motors and casings and electronics,2016-11-19-10-27-42videos, and books. What was unusual was outside. 70°F at the airport, it says here; clear skies and dead calm… in the morning. Mid afternoon the wind picked up, the clouds rolled in in force, the temperature plummeted. They’re forecasting our first winter storm. But before that we were out in our shirtsleeves, flying rockets. Three Snitches flew over and over again, frequently in three way drag races, and a few other rockets went up too. My Buck Shot, hitherto unflown, had two good flights.2016-11-19-11-09-50Bad picture, the phone apparently decided to focus on the guys by the van instead of the rocket, but you get the idea.

The Mosquito, which I’ve never had the nerve to fly again after its first teleportation, flew on a 1/4A motor. You may recall I built this one modified, for nose blow recovery instead of spitting the motor. Well, it spat the motor anyway, which was unfortunate since I was relying on a lariat loop for anchoring the shock cord. Our eagle-eyed young assistants found both parts, though — in fact the nose cone (with streamer) was spotted before the airframe, which came down in the middle of the road. One fin was off. I put it back on with some CA but didn’t try flying it again.

Then there was my Blender, which I flew four times. First on one of my A10s. Good flight. Then I begged a 1/4A (for some reason) from Scott, which catoed. The motor seemingly evaporated but the Blender was unscathed. So then I took an A10 from the club stash [command-C, command-V], which catoed.* The motor seemingly evaporated but the Blender was unscathed. I gave up on cadged motors, went inside, grabbed another of my A10s, and flew it on that. [command-C, command-V] Good flight.

Edit to add: It wasn’t until tonight I realized I’d been stupid, and I kind of am surprised no one there realized it either. Those motors are OK if you want to spit them, which is what the Blender’s designed to do. However since that’s illegal on our field, I’ve flown it with plugged A10s before, friction fit to stay in place. I should’ve used plugged motors today again, OR left the motors loose in the body tube. Instead I used normal motors and friction fitted them. DOH! And I’m not sure about my first A10, but the second one was an A10-0, but I thought it was an A10-3, but I friction fitted it. DOUBLE DOH!

I once again didn’t win any door prizes, though I did claim a bottle of CA from the goodie bag Walt’s gave the club, and I got 20% off on some motor retainers and a LEGO kit. And there were free donut holes and pizza, so, win.

* The A10, not the club stash.


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