Building the ASP V-2 (part 2)

At the rate I’m starting here I’m going to need all those months before May, but start I have.

I haven’t argued with the instructions much. I did file a notch in the larger centering ring used to anchor the shock cord leader, to ease clearance for that leader. I’m sure it wasn’t necessary but it made me feel better. Also, I followed a suggestion from Eric James Blitchok (discussed on Chris Michielssen’s blog) and glued the launch lug before starting on the fins. Without the fins in the way it’s easy to use an aluminum angle to align the lug.img_1895Here is seen the nose cone with the plug and screw eye in place. Lead weight is at the other end of that hole. img_1901I used epoxy to secure the weight, and the leftover epoxy to glue the plug in. I also used epoxy to put the motor tube into the boat tail (there are no centering rings there, just a snug fit of the tube into the hole in the boat tail) since the fit was tight enough I was concerned about yellow glue seizing up. Then I used leftover epoxy for the Kevlar-anchoring centering ring. Otherwise it’s been yellow glue, and Titebond No-Run No-Drip for the launch lug fillets.

Fin shaping is next, and I’m sure I will not procrastinate at all, hardly.



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