Spacecraft 3D

You like this Delta II Heavy model?deltaiiheavy_11-11-06_07-12-16Good, because you can have one just like it on your table. Go here. Download the AR target and print it out. Download the Android or iOS app and run it. Navigate Select Spacecraft > Launch > Delta II Heavy, point your phone at the target, and there you are. Not even Skill Level 1. RTF. Except it doesn’t… fly, that is… it does stage, though. That’s in the animations menu. You can also zoom in and out on it, and view it from all sides in 3D by walking around it. (Or by rotating the target, if that’s easier.)

Also in the Launch menu is the Atlas V 551, as well Delta II, Pegasus XL, Atlas V 401, and P-POD. The latter four are greyed out until you download them. P-POD is the Cubesat deployer and you can make it deploy three Cubesats.  In other menus are planetary space probes (Cassini, GRAIL, Voyager, Dawn, and Juno), Earth satellites (including SMAP and Aquarius), two radio telescopes and the Hubble Space Telescope, and a bunch of Mars probes and rovers including Curiosity:rover_11-10-15_07-12-16You can make Curiosity extend its arm and mast, rotate its antenna, and execute a 90° turn.

Very cool. JPL promises more spacecraft in future versions. I’d like to see a Cardboard option, myself.



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