Rocketry goals for 2017

I’m being more laid back with my rocketry goals this year. I’m thinking I’ll continue devoting more time and effort to non rocketry activities than in the past couple years.

I don’t plan on doing any dual deployment this year… well, maybe if I find myself with the cash I’ll get a Chute Release and play with that, but that’s about it.

This year I’m not setting any club contest goals. Last year I thought I was going to learn a good deal by focusing on a few contests. That didn’t happen. Well, I learned a few things, but mostly my 2016 contest experience was unsatisfactory.

I’m continuing to do the newsletter on my schedule, but I’m feeling like that doesn’t really belong on my goals list.

I plan on going to DC this year… but in late July / early August, not for NARCON. I might get to URRF, might not, but I won’t put that in the goals.

So for this year:

  • NARTREK Gold
  • Complete all non PMC rockets in progress or in the build pile as of 1 Jan 2017 (see first 6 entries in table below)
  • Adhere to a budget
  • Attend NYPower, CNYRTC, and all SRC launches
  • Fly lots of stuff
  • Have fun

2017 build plans:

Rocket Status as of 1 Jan 2017 Notes
In progress as of 1 Jan 2017:
ASP V-2 (18 mm) Assembly in progress
LOC Precision Norad In first primer
In build pile as of 1 Jan 2017:
Semroc Blue Bird Zero Build pile
Semroc Point Build pile
New Way Square in the Air Build pile
New Way Too Square Build pile
Lindberg Mars Probe Build pile PMC
Monogram F-100 Build pile PMC
Acquired or planning to acquire in 2016:
(scratch) C6-3 burner Wish list Working on design.
(scratch) Flake Wish list Working on design.

3 thoughts on “Rocketry goals for 2017

  1. Hi Rich,
    I like your site – very nice!
    I was looking @ your flex wing build notes – very helpful!
    I was wondering – do you have dimensions or plans or something for that spring jig that you made with nails in a plank of wood? (ie the x,y coordinates of the nail locations?


    BTW – I saw your Lindberg Mars Probe on your “build pile” list – I built that one and converted it as well – it flew really nice (I used about 1 Oz of lead / bb’s in the nose). Too bad that I think they discontinued that kit last I checked. Actually if you get the NAR’s Sport Rocketry magazine, it is in the table of contents of the previous Issue which covered NARAM. 🙂

      • Thanks – yes. It sure is all there. I see it now, Somehow I started looking earlier and just missed it the first time. Must have gotten distracted ……OOOOh, hey look – A squirrel!! 🙂
        Thanks again and happy flying!! Good luck on your projects.

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