Nothing new

Today was the first Syracuse Rocket Club launch for 2017. It was pretty much ideal flying weather, warm but not hot, sunny, and light breeze. The field was not quite so ideal, not having been mowed yet. But who’s complaining. And we had a good turnout.

Me having blown off most rocketry work for several months, I had nothing new to fly… I did have a new rocket, but for the giveaway stash, not for me to fly.

So it was all old stuff. I left early and the launch started a bit late and I hadn’t done any advance prep to speak of, so I did only three flights. I’d thought about starting with the Downscale Patriot until I saw the foot-high grass and said, uh, no. Instead I led off with the Honest Goon making its second flight on a C6-5. Good flight. It headed downrange a good way. But from my chair it landed right on a line with one of the launch rails, so I just lined up the rail with the chair and started walking. I’d used a hot pink parachute and high grass notwithstanding, I had no trouble finding it.

Second was the D-Region Tomahawk, also flying for the second time, on an E9-6. No fins popped off. And third, the Ventris. I very briefly considered a G motor but decided to save that for a bigger field and instead it flew on a Ceseroni F59 with a 7 second delay. Flight looked fine but on recovery there was some damage to the front end of the airframe… I have no clue how it happened.NBD. Will fix and fly again.


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