Repairing three giveaway rockets (part 1)

I took home three rockets to repair from a club meeting several months ago. Decided it was time to work on them.

First one is the body of an Estes Freefall, but with an elliptical nose cone (and no paratrooper).

Said nose cone? Not so pristine. Neither was the body tube at the front end.
The rubber band shock cord had evidently snapped. I am shocked, shocked. Pardon the expression.What’s even more shocking is this lame excuse for a shock cord loop was intact.To start with I sliced off the damaged front end. Only a quarter inch or so.
There’s some coke bottling around the motor mount but I can’t do much about that.

The nose cone’s being worked on.

Giveaway #2 was these parts. An Up Aerospace but, again, with a nonstandard, elliptical nose cone.And again a problem at one end of the body tube — a glue glob this time. I gave it the same treatment. The other end is cosmetically damaged.I installed the motor clip using a piece of Kapton tape.Then glued on the fin assembly. It was at this point I realized the included thrust ring probably should have gone in before this. Erm.

The launch lug ring was a very loose fit; I put a narrow strip of Kapton tape down and that tightened things up for gluing.  I used a piece of launch rod to line things up. I see the Up Aerospace design has that launch lug ring right up at the front of the airframe. I like it better towards the middle. Remind me to swing test this, though. All of these, actually.Giveaway #3 is, um, this.Not sure if it’s a kit clone or a scratch design. Evidently there were two compound fins and four simple fins. One compound fin is not too scathed, although the finish is kind of rough. There were four pieces of balsa in the bag, two 3/32″ pieces too small to bother with and one 1/8″ piece I’ll save. I’ll cut new fins from other 3/32″ stock. The chute looks reasonable and there’s a perfectly good Kevlar leader attached at the motor mount; I cut off the dubiously-attached rubber band. You can’t tell from the picture but the forward third of the body tube was a bit crumpled on one side.

So I cut off the damaged tube and fins and did some sanding.A decent start on all three.


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