Repairing three giveaway rockets (part 2)

Maybe not a decent enough start, because tonight I went back downstairs and did some more.

I suppose I should have looked up the instructions for the Up Aerospace before building rocket #2. I would have learned stuff, like, there’s a reason the launch lug ring is loose. And the kit came with clay for nose weight. Not that I don’t have clay, but… finding out about the nose weight would have been a good thing to do before gluing the nose cone base on…

Well, I got a few grams of epoxy down into the nose cone anyway. Might suffice.

Here’s the rocket #1 nose cone.I covered it with Bondo spot putty and sanded it. Might need a little more touch up, or maybe filler primer will take care of the rest. Can’t see it here but I cut off the shock cord loop. I built the parachute and glued the shock cord into the body tube with a trifold mount.

For #3 I found a BT-60 coupler and I cut a piece of BT-60 about the same length as what was cut off.

Not glued yet though. I’m going wait until after painting.



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