Repairing three giveaway rockets (part 3)

For #3, I cut six seemingly identical new fins. On closer examination one finds one of them has the grain running parallel to a different edge than the others. That became the rear part of the new complex fin while one of the remaining five became the front part. Then I started gluing the other four on, swept backwards. Using my fin gluing fixture here; I don’t have enough faith in my Estes device.The ARF body tube on #2 had been rather badly de-ARFed by what looked like an accident with some solvent or something, so I masked the fins and launch lug ring and started painting. Filler primer:I also primed the #1 and #3 nose cones, which I’ve decided to swap around. The ogive nose cone I think is the correct one for the Freefall, aside from the plastic color.



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