SRC launch: Classics

Here it is July 22 and I still haven’t finished any new rockets, other than the giveaways. So I loaded up some oldies for today’s launch.

Other than the wind gusts up to about a quarter of a mile per hour, it was pretty good weather. Overcast, and a few occasional drops fell but no rain showers worth of the name.

First up was the Photon Disruptor on a C6-5, and I don’t know why, but a C6-3 would have done fine on this occasion. But aside from that it was fine. Then the Sea Sting. I discovered one fin was pretty much hanging on by one edge when I went to prep, but CA came to the rescue. I flew this on a single use Aerotech D21-4. A squirrelly flight, again, but it went up and it came down and was in better shape after landing than when I started, so that’s a win. For my third flight, the Big Daddy. Motor was an E9-4. I used the Chute Release but there wasn’t much need for it; it didn’t get that high, and by the time the chute was out, it was almost low enough to open. I had a couple more rockets with me but decided to save them for another time.


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