Building the NewWay Square In the Air (part 1)

I finished off those giveaway rockets but at last week’s meeting I picked up parts for a couple more. I’m not starting them yet, though; I want to (finally) build something for me. Not good weather for painting the Norad, and there’s a problem with the V-2 I don’t feel like addressing right now, so I decided to start something new.

The Square In the Air is NewWay’s square-shaped riff on the Squirrel Works Pie In the Sky. The plate is square, the launch lug is square, the motor tube is, well, round; can’t have everything. Parts:Now, this rocket is, unusually, mostly wood. And I’m thinking, if you’re going to make a wooden rocket, why not make it look wooden? Granted, the instructions don’t say anything about painting it, but the plywood plate is rather bland and they give you a translucent sticker to cover it with. I’m taking a different route.

I got some “barc wood” cherry veneer with a paper backing. It’s available with self adhesive backing too, but I had no idea how well the adhesive would work, so I went with the paper backing. I cut a square, glued it to the plate using contact cement, and then trimmed the edges and center hole. Then repeated on the other side.I also cut a piece sized to wrap around the motor tube, with a notch to accommodate the launch lug.But it’s not going on yet. First I glued the launch lug on, and glued both to the plate.I’ll continue tomorrow.



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