Building the Semroc Point (part 1)

Moving right along! The Point is another rocket I bought at eRockets during last year’s NARCON. Here are some of the parts:and the rest:The sheet in the center is the standard kit shroud, and the one on the right is the commemorative shroud they were giving away (just the shroud, not the rest of the kit!) at NARCON.

Those six little fins are almost completely internal to the model. So I’m not concerned about the piece of label stuck to one of them; it won’t be seen. The short piece of elastic may seem mysterious. You’ll see what it’s for later.

Assembly starts with the fins, and I did sand off the laser cutting nibs but didn’t go to the trouble of filling the balsa. Or papering it. With fins this small and this numerous, I think you almost have to eyeball them. I think I did all right.But I’m too nervous to handle this assembly until it’s dried overnight.


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