Building the NewWay Too Square (part 1)

Next month is odd-roc month at the SRC launch, so I’m getting as odd as I can. The Square In the Air is done, the Point is in progress, time to start another. The Too Square is yet another rocket from last year’s NARCON; in fact, purchase of this one got me the Square In the Air as a freebie. I’d been wanting to build a NewWay rocket with a square body tube for about three years, I had the Square One on my wish list, but when I saw the Too Square I decided to go for that instead. Couldn’t resist the laser cut peekaboo body tube.

Here’s what’s in the kit:Lots of parts but also some supplies: cotton swabs, sandpaper, emery board. Nice.

Here’s the hang tag. Notice the hole. It’s square.
I did the motor mount/stuffer tube tonight. There’s only one centering ring square. The other end is centered by the tabs of the through the wall fins.Next step needs time and its own post. Laterz.



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