Building the LOC Norad (part 5)

It’s only been eleven months since I last blogged about this build. I’ve done a little in that time. First primer coat last fall, second coat earlier this year when painting weather came back; then white (I’d been thinking light grey, but then I couldn’t find my light grey paint, so I went with white, and then of course the light grey turned up.) Then two bands, yellow and brown.

Then I drew up a bunch of decals, loosely based on the markings on an AIM-54A missile, and tried out plain paper versions of them for size. That led to a few tweaks, and then I printed them up on (clear!) decal paper.The “UNITED STATES” and “USA” labels are just to fill up the decal paper, for the possibility of future use.

There are a few little jokes in there, like my zip code, and “00315 SRC566053-86” which is area code 315; Syracuse Rocket Club NAR Section #566, Tripoli Prefecture #53; and, um, Maxwell Smart I suppose.



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