Building the Semroc Point (part 2)

I did paint the nose white since the last report, and I built the cardstock cone. I unfortunately couldn’t get it to be as round as I would have liked.But, well, it’ll do, I suppose. From the side:Huh, didn’t even notice the coke bottling until I saw this picture.

The forward end of the nose cone is to be painted red, and since the seam is to be covered by an opaque sticker, I decided not to sweat the masking too much. Some blue tape in approximately the right place should be good enough, right?As for that sticker? This is it, and I wanted to check how opaque it was so I tried to peel up a corner. I couldn’t. Eventually I decided it was not a sticker. In fact it appears to be the same sort of glossy photo paper the cone parts were printed on.

Okay then.

I scanned it and tried printing it on white decal paper. Which served only to remind me I can’t use white decal paper, because the printer ink I have doesn’t work with it. So I printed it on Avery label paper instead, and sprayed it with clear coat.


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