Building the NewWay Too Square (part 3)

The spirals are going to need more work. Meanwhile I painted the stuffer tube. And no, I did not fill the spirals on it.

I was in the hobby store buying a can of Testors Dull Coat for the NORAD, and noticed the Lime Ice lacquer. Mostly I use Rustoleum 2X enamel, it’s cheap and readily available and, aside from some issues with the gloss white which I think I’ve learned to cope with, and the occasional nozzle stupidity, I’ve been happy with it. But since I was there… I made the impulse purchase. From the cap I was expecting a plain gloss lime green. Uh uh.
No, this is a metallic flake lime green, and for once a paint surprise was a pleasant surprise. I like it. I wasn’t sure how nicely the lacquer would play with the Duplicolor filler primer and I didn’t want to wait long enough to do a test so I just painted on the bare paper. I’ll want to use primer on the body tube, though, so I will get a test done before I need to do that.

The fins are made of a plywood similar or identical to the Square in the Air plate. I’m not sure what sort of wood is used, maybe basswood? Something with a finer grain than balsa. Still, they were going to need filling or papering. I’d used a corner of a sheet of label paper to make the sticker for the Point, so I decided to use the rest to paper them.
I considered rounding the leading edges but decided to carry the “square” theme to an extreme…


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