Building the Semroc Point (part 3)

Here’s the nose cone. The fins are very rough especially at the back, but they won’t be seen and drag is not exactly a prime concern here. The cone itself I treated with Elmer’s white glue and sanded before doing the painting. Gordon Agnello’s an advocate of this technique and having tried using CA to treat balsa nose cones and not liking it, I thought I’d try this. Worked well. The paint masking is rough but I didn’t try to make it otherwise; it gets covered later. I sanded the paint off the fin edges for gluing.
After the nose cone was glued in I finished it up with the recovery system. This is odd. The engine spits out, but doesn’t fall separately because it’s attached to a short shock cord. Which makes it legal to fly on our club’s field, but I have to wonder how good an idea it is to have a motor casing bouncing around on a short piece of elastic in proximity to a cardstock body. Here it all is, with the counterfeit nose cone sticker in place. Only a year and a half after the event being commemorated!


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