Building the NewWay Too Square (part 4)

I was willing to accept the spiral filling job on the section of the tube with the holes because, holes, but for the forward end of the tube, it wasn’t good enough. So I went to the art department at the universitiy bookstore and look what I found:Six for about $2.50. And look at the tip on one. A long cone, you can cut near one end to get a needle-width opening or further back for a wider hole.Compare that with the syringe I was using, whose tip is nearly cylindrical. The hole is small and there’s not a lot you can do to widen it. The downside to these particular bottles is they’re pretty small, not that I need that much capacity (by a long shot) but the narrow width of the mouth makes them challenging to fill. I squeezed thinned wood filler out of a plastic bag with the corner cut off and that worked reasonably well.

And how were they for applying wood filler?

And I think I’m learning to handle the plastic razor blade better, too, so I’m fairly optimistic about this filling job. (Don’t break my heart, rocket.)

In other news, looks like the Duplicolor primer and the Testors lacquer are going to get along. (What did I just say, rocket?)



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