SRC launch: Spared by the Angel of Death (part 2)

I wanted to fly the Ventris but when I went to pack it I remembered it had been damaged the last time and I haven’t repaired it yet. So I brought the Scion instead, and flew it on a CTI 108G68 with an 8 second delay. Yet another good launch and deployment right after apogee. I used the Chute Release again and it worked out well again.

Having gotten my newer and bigger models off I returned my attention to some smaller, experienced birds. The Cherokee-D’s experience was while it was owned by Mark Riffle, though; I’d never flown it. Mark was there to see it go on a D12-5 and come down under a long pink streamer.

Then Bohica’s Dead Ringer, which hasn’t flown since August last year, and before that August 2015. What can I say, it’s odd-roc month. It flew on its usual B6-4 and had its usual good flight. Unusually, it landed right at the feet of the low power pads.

Last time I flew the Saber it coned noticeably, and I thought perhaps some nose weight might help, so I put a spent D motor casing into the forward section (nozzle forward). B6-4 still seemed a good motor choice. It still coned. But not a bad flight otherwise.

Finally, at dusk, I once again flew the Big Blinka on a C6-5. Not tired yet of the LED-illuminated foam and the good flying.

Nothing flew badly. Nothing got lost. Nothing got broken. Who are you and what have you done with my hobby?



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