Repairing giveaway rockets (part 5)

I’ve been dealing with a couple more giveaway rockets. I don’t know their history. Looks like both are based on failed rockets, but there are things I can only guess at.

First rocket:

There’s a piece of body tube, painted and with a sticker on it, with launch lug, engine block, and nose cone glued in place. Yes. Glued. And the engine block is glued in only an inch and a half or so from the end. There’s superficial damage on the end of the tube, as if something else had been glued there and then torn off.

You tell me.

Our giveaways guy packaged this up with a coupler, a parachute, a plastic fin set, another engine block, a shock cord, a motor hook, a motor hook retainer ring, and a new piece of tubing. The chute is likewise… interesting. A highly commendable snap swivel, attached to woefully short shroud lines.WAT.

Anyway, the chute was not really worth saving.I salvaged the swivel and that was it.

I glued the block into the new tube, and glued on the fins over the hook. The retainer ring I ignored. I glued the coupler into the mystery tube, and then I secured both ends of the shock cord with trifold mounts, one in each tube. Made a new chute, attached the swivel, and clipped it to a knotted loop in the shock cord.

Second rocket:Seems to be a tale of woe attached to that fin section, which still had the spent motor in place. And what a spent motor.I don’t know what happened but I hope there was a MESS report. Packaged with this were a new body tube, a nose cone, a coupler/adaptor piece, a launch lug, a new parachute, shroud lines, and a shock cord.

The inch or so that was left of the old body tube peeled pretty cleanly off. So I didn’t need the coupler/adaptor. I just glued the new tube on.
And the rest was straightforward —attach the shock cord, glue on the launch lug, make and attach the chute.

Now they just need painting, but that might be a while.


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