The NAR is talking about having local clubs across the country do well-publicized launches, particularly of Saturn V models, on July 20, 2019 — the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. We discussed it at our club and we’ll probably do it, especially since the third Saturday is a usual launch day for us.

Question: What Saturn V kits are there?

In the database I found the following. Most of these are out of production, of course (some went out of production around the time of the moon landings!):

Company Name Dates Scale or dia. (in.) Vendor Notes
Apogee Components Saturn V 1/70 Apogee
Boyce Aerospace Hobbies Apollo Saturn V 1/312
Boyce Aerospace Hobbies Skylab Saturn V 1/312
Centuri Saturn V (5142, KS-12) 1969–1983 1/100
Cox Saturn V (5075) 1970–1973 1/125
Dr. Zooch Saturn V 1.64″ eRockets
Dr. Zooch Saturn V 500-F 1.64″ never released?
Dr. Zooch Skylab Saturn V 1.64″
Estes Semi-Scale Saturn V (1239, K-39) 1969–1979 1.64″
Estes Saturn V (1236, K-36) 1969–1985 1/100
Estes Saturn V (2157) 1998, 2010–2011, 2016–2017 1/100
Estes Saturn V (2001) 1988–1994 1/100
FlisKits Mighty Saturn V 1/884 FlisKits
Neubauer Rockets Micro Saturn V 1/396
Polecat Aerospace Saturn V 10″
Quest Saturn V ASP  MMX; under 6″ tall
Saturn Press Saturn V (SAT-V) 1/195
Semroc Saturn V (KS-6) 1/100
Sheri’s Hot Rockets Saturn V 8.25″
Sirius Rocketry Saturn V 1/64
Space Age Industries Semi-scale Saturn V (K14) 1969 1/224


  1. This omits scratch builds, plastic model conversions, and non flying models.
  2. Links under “vendor” are to a single vendor I found for each model that seems to have these in stock. There may be additional vendors.
  3. There is a listing for a second Cox Saturn V, no model number, dates 1972–1973. I suspect this is a redundant entry.

Of course there are additional options for one wanting to build a flying Saturn V. Besides buying out of production kits on eBay, there’s scratch builds, and conversions of plastic model kits. Or convert a Lego Saturn V (good luck!)


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