Building the [scratch] Mega Sprite (part 7)

Perhaps you noticed my blunder before I did. By treating the tip edges of the fins with CA, I ended up with non porous surfaces where the tip pieces are supposed to be glued on. Oops.

I also discovered a bubble on one of the fin papers which I’ll have to address somehow.

Later. For now I just sanded the leading and trailing edges to even them up.

I glued a centering ring onto a piece of BT-50 — a longer piece than is needed for the motor mount.

Then I stuck that into the body tube and added an un-glued centering ring at the other end. That stiffened up the body tube to make cutting the fin slots easier, with the rings far enough apart to stay out of the way. I cut the slots with a hobby knife, using an aluminum angle as a straightedge.Checking the fin tabs, they’re too wide, intentionally so. They’ll get trimmed. I took out the tube and rings, and did a quick dry fit of everything else.The fins are actually a little too large to fit within the ring, which is a better problem than too small.


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