Building the Semroc Sprite (part 6)

Sorry about the radio silence. I’ve been procrastinating a lot on the Mega Sprite and anything else rocketry related, and busy sick out of town and so on. This week I went into last second rush mode, which always works out well, to get ready for tomorrow’s launch.

(Oh yes, I do go to launches. Except I didn’t go to last month’s club launch, because it was canceled due to weather, and I didn’t go to the National Sport Launch less than two hours away because I was four hours in the other direction: Memorial Day Weekend, nine things you want to do and you get to do one of them.)

This morning I finished up the Sprite, applying the ring stripe decals one of which I managed to break but I shoved it back together and it looks pretty much okay. I left off the “Semroc Sprite” decals. There was no name on the Estes original and I didn’t think they’d improve the look of the thing.Pink because I have pink paint and no pink rockets, and not because, I found out later, Vern Estes (who I could have met at NSL if I’d been there) has a pink Sprite.



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