Estes Klingon Battle Cruiser

I think I have this right: there were some things donated to our neighboring club, MARS, and they chose to pass them on to the Syracuse Rocket Club, which met last night. “Things” mostly being miscellaneous rocket parts, of which our club has quite a lot.We use parts from our stash to repair or build rockets to be given away to kids at our launches. And we have some complete kits we can raffle off. But the latest donation included also about four or five old Estes kits, opened and with some parts missing: Too incomplete to raffle, too complete to part out. So I ended up with one of them, the 1274 Klingon Battle Cruiser. Not that this is a kit I’ve been dying to have. It was more a case of “hm, looks like no one else is grabbing this, might as well take it” than “wow, give me that thing!”

As I understand it, this was first issued in about 1974 and then reissued about 1991. Under the Estes logo on the instructions it says “A subsidiary of Damon”. Damon owned Estes from 1969 to 1990, so presumably this is the 1970s version.

There are a couple of parts missing but easily replaced, the more exotic stuff is all there.
Chris Michielssen blogged a partial build of this kit a few years ago. Apparently he never finished it. And I don’t intend to start any time soon, but it’s officially on the build pile.


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