Syracuse Rocket Club launch: Grey picnic

I was pretty sure today’s launch was going to be canceled, or postponed to Sunday, or something, but it wasn’t. Despite a good deal of rain yesterday and sprinkles today up to about noon, the launch went on. This is August and the August launch is our family picnic launch, with raffles and a door prize and free burgers and dogs and all that. Considering the weather I was surprised how many people turned out, including a number of first time families.

I showed up late, staying home until the rain was mostly off the radar. Once I got there I got into the theme for the day, which, as usual in August, was odd-rocs. First up: New Way Square In the Air.It took one of the last of my B6-0s — been a while since I bought any motors — and did its thing. Came down just our side of the flight line, downwind a ways.

Next was the first flight of the rocket the Square In the Air came free with, the Too Square.
I had a certain amount of misgivings about launching a green and black rocket on a field with as much high grass as this, but recovery wasn’t a problem; it was within sight near the flight line. (In fact all day the wind was a little heavier than I like, but it was pretty consistent, blowing things parallel to the flight line with rockets often landing close to or over the line, but well downwind of the spectators.) The fluorescent green chute helped, too. Anyway, the Too Square did well on a C6-3.

I went high drag again for the third flight, with the Flat Boy, which actually was based off the Squirrel Works Pie In the Sky kit the Too Square was a response to.
It too took a B6-0 and did more or less the same thing as the Square In the Air.

Odd flight number four was the Semroc Point.
This went on a B6-2, which visibly parted company with the rocket at ejection. It was supposed to come out of the motor mount but stay with the rocket on an elastic tether, but the elastic broke.Of course the motor disappeared in the grass, which is not good on a hay farm. Aside from that, it was a good pointy flight.

Next up in the war on fins was Bohica’s Dead Ringer on its usual B6, specifically a B6-4. I’ve used B6-2s sometimes on this rocket, but the longer delay was not excessive today.This one too came down kinda near the flight line.After five oddities it was time for one conventional rocket, the Semroc Blue Bird Zero making its maiden flight on a D12-5. The delay seemed a little too long, maybe because of the wind, but no harm done. I did win one of the raffle prizes, finally, in the third round and after buying 48 tickets: an Estes Star Orbiter kit.A night launch had been announced but my Big Blinka needed new batteries which I hadn’t gotten by today, and no one else was known to have a night flyer prepared, so it probably didn’t happen. Anyway, I’d flown everything I brought and I wanted to get home to take my son out to dinner, so I headed out.


2 thoughts on “Syracuse Rocket Club launch: Grey picnic

  1. Hi Rich,
    Somebody on Facebook M.R. Fanatics posted a picture of your Flat Boy design without giving you credit for the clever design. In a response I asked: “Who’s the designer?” He added he found it on Pinterest. Pinterest gives you a link to this blog. I came back and posted three blog links (here) to your build. I hate it when people post pictures without giving credit – like it was their idea or design!

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