Building the ASP V-2 (part 4)

Man, remember way back when I was working on this? About sixteen months ago?

My excuse for stopping was that I’d gotten to the point of doing the pull-out plugs and turbine exhausts. ASP supplies a piece of wood to make them out of, and I lost the piece of wood. So I put the rocket aside figuring the wood had to be around here somewhere and it’d turn up eventually. Of course the real reason was that there were other things I wanted to do more than cutting and carving and shaping those tiny little parts.

Well, I’ve finished up the other rockets in progress and I told myself I have to get this one done next.

I figured I’d have to substitute the lost wood piece, but what was it? Basswood probably, but what thickness? Eventually I actually looked at the instructions where it clearly said ‘3/32″ basswood’. Oh. And did I have a piece of 3/32″ basswood around? Oh, only enough for about four hundred pull-out plugs.

So I went ahead and started making them, and then I found what I think was the lost piece of wood from the kit. Of course.

Making these was about as much fun as I expected. Of course you can’t just cut them out and then start sanding. I cut a strip 3/16″ wide, chopped the corners off an end, and sanded the end to about the right shape. Then cut the piece off the end of the strip. Repeat for the next part. That’s it for the turbine exhausts; for the pull-out plugs you do have to shape the other end. Two of them split along the grain while I was trying to do that and had to be glued back together. Fun.

I ended up with three attempts at the pull-out plug, of which I chose the two best, and two acceptable turbine exhausts.

Glued them on.Then I prepped the balsa parts by painting with Elmer’s Glue, a technique I’m still puzzling out. Sometimes I get results I like, sometimes not so much. This time I liked how the boat tail came out but was less happy with the nose cone. No idea why the difference. Some sanding later, I guess it’s ready for primer. When the weather is.



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