Syracuse Rocket Club launch: Unexpected company

There were thunderstorms with heavy rain last night. I don’t know if they missed our field or what, but it was dry today, to my surprise. There was a moderate breeze when we set up but it calmed by noon. At one point we got a partial sun halo.Pretty nice flying day all in all.

Another surprise was that my son wanted to come along; he hasn’t been to a launch in more than two years.

I had somewhere else to be in the afternoon, so I only brought three rockets along — none new; there aren’t any new ones.

I started, and the launch started, with my Honest Goon on a C6-3. I’ve used a C6-5 before but I didn’t have any today, and really the 3 second delay was not too short. I angled it into the wind and it got carried back for a short walk.

Next was another Goony missile, the Nike-G. But I wasn’t trying for a theme. I would’ve brought the Patrioony along if I were. This was an entry in the A Spot Landing contest. Last night I went looking for a rocket that would weigh in just slightly under the 85 grams pad weight Estes recommends as maximum for the A8-3, and that turned out to be the Nike-G. I’d never normally fly it on an A, probably not even a B, but it worked well for the contest. It struggled up, arced down, popped the chute very late, and came down 10′ 4″ from the pin. As of the time I left I was in first place — of two entries — probably stayed there, though, I bet.

Third was the Big Daddy on one of my few remaining E9 motors. Didn’t explode. Looked like it got more altitude than the last time it flew on an E9. I was angled for wind that had died down by then so I had a long-ish walk but not so long that I couldn’t see the orange chute from the flight line.

So just three flights but all successful, nothing damaged, nothing lost, and maybe one contest won. Pretty nice.


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