NYPower 19, Day 2: Rerun

Day 2, much like day 1: warmer, a little cloudier, but similar winds, and still dry: No J and up sparkies allowed. Once again I made three flights. I had a few minutes after breakfast and spent them adjusting the fin slots on my Excel and doing a dry fit. Then it was time to…

URRF 2: Ups and not so ups

I headed out to URRF 2 on Friday with a smaller number of rockets than I’d used last weekend, including the repaired Ventris. But not the Mustang, because finishing wasn’t done, and the Ventris was repaired but not repainted. Weather had not been good during the week. The forecast was good, though. URRF began Friday morning,…

NYPower 18, Day 1: Lug deep in the Big Muddy

Yesterday I got around to swing testing the Bad Cholesterol and the Bohica’s Dead Ringer. The BC I think is stable enough… I think. But not sure about flying it at a big out of town event. The Dead Ringer… um. Let’s just say it failed the swing test with a C or a B, and…

Photo studio in spaaaaaace

There’s a new version of OpenRocket out. Besides some bug fixes, it has a new feature: Under the Tools menu, Photo Studio lets you make pictures like this: You can vary the rocket orientation, camera angle and distance, lighting, smoke and flame effects, and background.


qquake2k finally finished and flew his Gooniot, an upscale of my Patrioony. And in only about two more months, I can start flying my rockets too!

The Fleet, 2013

As the 2013 launch season comes to a close, here’s the present fleet:Left to right: Estes Metalizer, Test to Destruction, Estes Tornado, Edmonds Aerospace Deltie, Estes Patriot, Downscale Patriot, Patrioony, Sky Condor, Rocketarium Retro Rebel, Estes Loadstar II, Estes Eggscaliber. Front: FlisKits Caution! Rocket Launch In Progress!

October SRC launch

Last big launch of the year for the Syracuse Rocket Club today. Kenny was otherwise occupied so I went on my own. For mid October the weather was beautiful: Clear skies, temperatures got into the 70s, light breeze most of the day which got a little stiffer toward the end. I brought six rockets. First…