The Rocketry Forum

You probably got to this page by following a link on the Rich’s Rockets blog for “The Rocketry Forum”. This is not The Rocketry Forum (TRF). There is a valid link to TRF below, but first I want to tell you this:

I think you should not use it.

Why? If you want details, contact me (use the contact form on the About page) and I can tell you about it in private mail; but for now, suffice it to say:

The Rocketry Forum, under its present ownership, has become an advertising-saturated, for-profit venture run by people who have shown no signs of any interest in, or any respect for, rocketry or for the users of the forum.

I find the present owners reprehensible. I do not endorse, nor seek to facilitate, joining or contributing in any way to TRF.

Having said that, it’s your choice. If you want to go there, here’s the link:



3 thoughts on “The Rocketry Forum

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