Building the Excelsior Honest Goon (part 2)

I haven’t posted in a while, partly because I’ve been distracted by another (non-rocketry) project, but I do have some HG updates.

IMG_3631I glued and filleted the fins and installed the motor mount. The instructions say to recess it to the end of the hook (to improve stability), but do they mean end end or the bend that secures the motor? The former seemed a bit extreme to me so I went with the latter. A side benefit is this allows the rocket to stand on its fins.

I haven’t glued the nose pieces together yet, because I think I want to do some work on them separately, and some of that will be smelly so won’t happen until a warm(er) day coinciding with free time. Which may not be too long now. The ice dam finally slid off our roof yesterday, and I’ve seen bare ground and even crocus buds.

So anyway, I haven’t glued the launch lug either, because half of it goes on the nose. But just so I won’t forget about it, I taped it inside the airframe.IMG_3632Hopefully I’ll have more to report fairly soon, but for now, that’s it.IMG_3633



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