CNY Rocket Team Challenge 2015

The 2015 Central New York Rocket Team Challenge is now history.2015-06-06 13.06.29There were 110 teams registered, of which almost all came and launched their rockets. IMG_3853As usual the Syracuse Rocket Club played a major role in running the event; as I did last year, I worked at the “technical support” tent, i.e. the “tent you get sent to if your rocket needs some work before you can launch it”. For whatever reason it seemed as if we had significantly fewer rockets needing our services this year. We also repaired a pair of shoes, even though that wasn’t in our job description.

The usual launch site was unavailable (probably permanently, I’d say) due to construction of an athletic facility of some kind. We moved basically across the road. We weren’t really launching from the middle of a construction site even though it might look that way. IMG_3855One worrisome aspect of the move was that it put us closer to the power lines. It’s not unusual for rockets to get hung up on them, and the local power company sends a crew for the occasion to retrieve them for us right away. It wasn’t too bad this year, as it turned out; I think three rockets out of the 100-ish got snagged.IMG_3848

One team was probably thankful for the power lines. Their rocket got caught on them… after its chute didn’t deploy. Sometimes two wrongs do make a right.

All the final standings will be on the MOST web site in due course. I was working on takedown during the awards ceremony, so don’t know who most of the winners were, but I did get a picture of the 1st place high school team, NASA (Not A Space Association) from Paul V. Moore High School in Central Square. Check out the paint job that other NASA would approve of.IMG_3865

More pictures here.



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