New year’s rockets

Some interesting new entries on the Estes Coming Soon page. Four new builder’s kits.

007244 Indicator — Skill level 1, apparently BT-50 lower airframe and BT-20 upper, 21.2″ long, 13 mm power. I’m not a fan of the decals but not a bad looking little rocket otherwise.

007245 Comanche-3 — Return of an oldie. Looks like the 001382 Comanche-3 was in every catalog from 1982 through 2011 except for 2000 and 2001. Now it’s back with a new livery and new item number. I’m not real big on these decals either. Skill level 3, BT-50, 41″ long, 3×18 mm (3 stage) power.

007256 Puma — A companion for the 007232 Scorpion and 007233 Lynx. Wait, a Scorpion isn’t a cat. Also Skill level 3. BT-20, 12.3″ long, 13 mm power. Lots of laser cut wood parts. Definite family resemblance to the Xarconian Cruiser.

009716 Star Orbiter — First Pro Series II builder’s kit since 2013 that isn’t a web-exclusive SPEV. But a decidedly different PSII: BT-60 airframe, balsa (or tung, anyway not plywood) fins, plastic chute, 45.2″ long. Designed (like the PSII E2X kits, unlike the old builder’s kits) for the 29 mm black powder motors. Price shown is $22.99 and I assume that’s supposed to be its full list price, so half the list price of the cheapest other non SPEV PSII kits. As for the design, well, 3FNC.

I don’t think I’m lusting after any of these, but it’s always good to see new builder’s kits coming out.



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