That 3-day URRG launch in late June will in fact be URRF 3, it turns out. URRF is Upstate Research Rocketry Festival, which is put on by URRG, Upstate Research Rocketry Group, as a Tripoli research launch. (NAR members can fly commercial motors.) There were URRFs in 2013 and 2014. In 2015 URRG held LDRS on the same field at about the same time of year. I went to URRF 2 and spent a day as a spectator at LDRS. The latter of course was bigger and more frenetic, but even URFF 2 seemed pretty large and fast paced to me, perhaps larger and faster than I’d like. Still, it’s an excellent field, and if you want to fly to 18,000 feet in the eastern US, it’s one of the few places you can. I don’t, but I have tentative plans to be there anyway.

There’s a web site where you can sign up to receive emails, though flyer registration isn’t yet open.


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