Building the Landis Nymph (part 5)

The last several pieces were glued on. Here’s a piece of launch lug (sloppily cut, as all my launch lug cuts tend to be) glued under the stab. There’s a piece of scrap balsa clamped to the top of the (inverted) fuselage to line it up. Some wax paper between the two is the reason the balsa scrap didn’t get glued on.IMG_0037 The other luglet went under the (inverted) wing.IMG_0043 A rubber band taped to the front of the motor pod, a couple holes drilled for the burn thread, some more glorious Sharpie art, and it’s done.IMG_0046I haven’t trimmed this thing and between the breeze outside and the other things I need to do tonight, it’ll happen on the field tomorrow or not at all.



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