Building a giveaway rocket (part 2)

The fins, as I said, were pretty huge for this rocket. And then there were the fin slots which I could try to fill, or cover… or use… I cut the tips from the roots and cut tabs.img_1832 Sorry about that, whoever put all the work into gluing those two fins together at an angle. What on earth was that about?

I decided to paper the fins with label paper. I’ve avoided using that previously, partly because it costs more than printer paper and glue stick, and partly because I worry about the adhesive — you don’t know what it is, you don’t know if it’s the same adhesive used in the previous package. But I’d bought a package of label paper for other purposes and I figured why not give it a try.

Next there were the three square holes in the body tube to deal with. I figured I could try to fill or cover them invisibly, which would be tedious and might not work. Or I could cover them visibly. Make it a feature. I spray painted some more label paper black, cut strips of it, and applied the strips to the rocket, covering the square holes. The strip that went around the fin can I trimmed to open the slots back up.

I considered black electrical tape but wasn’t too confident it’d work, and I thought paper might be easier to trim for the slots. Blackboard contact paper might have worked, too, if I’d had any. I didn’t.img_1844 I glued in the papered fins and put on a launch lug.img_1847

Fillets, and it’s almost ready for painting. Just the fins.



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