Building the Excelsior Nike-G (part 3)

I’m hurrying to finish this rocket. Partly because finishing it this year is one of my goals, and we’re almost at the end of good painting weather for the year. Partly because Apogee Components wants me to finish it by the 30th. I’m even putting the Norad aside in its favor for now.

So of course my hurriedness shows. There are some places where I should have done a better job sanding off excess glue. There’s a small bubble on one of the papered fins I should have taken care of. There are visible spirals — which surprises me; usually Estes BT-60 spirals pretty much go away under filler primer.

Maybe it’s because I’m using Dupli-Color filler primer instead of Rusto, which was my primer of choice for some time. But Dupli-Color dries faster. I found I had to wait a day to sand Rusto if I didn’t want my sandpaper getting hopelessly clogged. Dupli-Color I can sand an hour after putting it down.

On the Nike-G I primed, sanded, primed, sanded, and sprayed the color coat (Rusto Gloss White, behaving nicely for me today) in one day. Expeditious, if nothing else.



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