Building the [scratch] Mega Sprite (part 11)

If I were running a Skin of the Teeth competition with myself, I’d be winning.

I sprayed pink paint on the Mega Sprite yesterday afternoon. First thing this morning it was still too tacky to handle. A couple hours later it was still a bit tacky but I felt with care it could be picked up and worked with. I epoxied a thrust ring in, threaded Kevlar through the guide straw and tied one end around the motor tube, the other end to some elastic. I drilled a small hole in the dowel glued in the nose cone’s base, screwed in a screw eye, and tied the other end of the elastic. I used pieces of blackboard contact paper to make stripes on the ring fin. This thing not using tumble recovery, it didn’t need a real vent hole, but I used a round vinyl blackboard label to create a Wile E. Coyote style virtual hole.

It was ready for glamor shots.

Then off to the launch to fly it.


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