Building the [scratch] Mega Sprite (part 10)

Meanwhile, on the Mega side:

The Mega Sprite’s paint (pink also) is drying right now. Before painting I stuck motors in both Sprites, shoved a parachute into the Mega Sprite, and checked the centers of gravity. As near as I can tell it’s in the same place on both, relative to the size of the rocket, and maybe even a bit further forward on the Mega Sprite, and presumably the centers of pressure are about the same, so I’m not adding nose weight. Tomorrow I want to put in the thrust ring I’d forgotten to put in before, and to add the ring stripes, and a virtual vent hole, and it needs the recovery system set up including the eye screw in the nose cone (I did drill a hole in the nose cone base and glue a dowel in to screw the eye screw into.) And then I want to fly it. OK, I’ll skip the thrust ring and the decorating if I’m too short on time.



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