I said the other day I need a better way to attach mid power chutes to shock cords. The snap swivels I have have loops too small to feed thick shrouds through. I’ve tried thin Kevlar to connect the them but it broke; I’ve tried a small split ring and had it come back deformed.

Today I was about to dispose of my NYPower lanyard and then it hit me:IMG_3813That’s a snap swivel, with a big loop. Wonder if it’s strong enough?



One thought on “Reuse?

  1. I had a similar thought when I saw a key chain with a metal s-biner full of six small plastic s-biners. For 6 bucks, you get 6 little biners! Of course, they wouldn’t swivel, but it seems like a good quick release. Unfortunately, I can’t find the weight capacity for the little s-biners.

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