Sagitta Cantina

I guess I’ve been remiss — I reported the new Rocketry Center forums, but there’s another new rocketry forum site that’s been up about a month: Sagitta Cantina.

I think it’s pretty clear some people want a forum where they can shoot the breeze about off-rocketry topics, argue politics and religion, swear, offend, and generally post and let post. And others want a place that’s rocketry-focused, free of politico-religious flame wars, and is kid- and woman- and minority-friendly. (And others fall between.) No single forum is going to please everyone and it’s a recipe for failure to try to build THE one and only rocketry forum.

For those who do want to mix politics and religion with their rocketry, Sagitta Cantina is worth a look. “Commander” Bernie Herman writes:

As most who visit here and have been regulars at other rocketry forums may have noted, I have been disturbed by the trend to restrict the topics and threads of free speech. On the other sites I have been often admonished if I didn’t like the rules to create my own forum. Well I have finally decided to take them up on that.

The only rules here are no vulgar language (think Carlin’s seven dirty words Seven words you can’t say on TV warning! obscene words in clip). Other than that, well, let’s play it by ear. Most importantly, if you’re going to be man enough to post it, be man enough to stick by it, even if legal action is taken.

I don’t think you’ll see me there. I dislike the political posturing, and that “man enough” comment tells me all I need to know about what kind of mindset you’ll find in the Cantina. But if that’s your thing, then your thing is there.



2 thoughts on “Sagitta Cantina

  1. Well I thank you for the mention Rich, even if it’s not a ringing endorsement. I just thought I’d leave a message to let you and your readers know that due to some major issues with the application software I was using, I have revamped the Cantina Forum using software that most forum goers will be more familiar with.
    While better looking and more functional, it is still a bastion for free speech.

    “Commander” Bernie Herman

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