I’m a little worried about the Rocketry Central forums; there are some allegations being made to which the anonymous admins are so far not responding. But let’s see how that plays out.

Meanwhile — and I suspect not unrelatedly — there is yet another rocketry forum starting up. It’s at http://www.rocketryspot.com/index.php. The admins again seem to be anonymous, which bothers me a bit, but they’re starting out saying some welcome things. Whether it’ll go anywhere, who knows. There’s been a recent big influx into Rocketry Central, and people unhappy with TRF may be content to go there. I dunno. I registered, we’ll see.


3 thoughts on “YARF

  1. I’m going to preface my comment by saying I don’t know any of the people involved, or what happened among them, and I have no dog in any fight. But I don’t understand all the reports of feuds lately. Rocketry is supposed to be fun, right?

    So, I don’t understand why people get so angry over it. A n00b stumbling onto one of the forums, thinking, “Oh, great! A website about rockets!” could very quickly conclude “These people are crazy!”

    Personally, I’d be happy for a place where people could exchange knowledge on rocketry, share tips and pictures and ask questions without a bunch of people being jerks about it.

  2. Rocketry Center admins finally heard from… the statement is that one rogue moderator thought they could invent a forum policy at odds with the publicly stated basis of the whole thing. Said moderator has been “dealt with”. I hope that doesn’t mean cement overshoes. Anyway, good to hear it wasn’t what it looked like.

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