Building the Estes (clone) Fat Boy (part 4)

Next, the decals.

Sandman Decals listed decals for the full size Fat Boy, but they were out of stock, and unsurprisingly there wasn’t a 1/5x downscale. But I wrote to …

Wait a second. I’ve said all that, haven’t I?IMG_7446I put the decals on, then I applied a Pledge clear coat.IMG_7449 I put a removable Kevlar leader on, and added a note to myself.IMG_7522

I checked the CG with a motor, dog barf, and parachute installed and decided to add about 35 g nose weight (using up my can of BBs… good thing I don’t anticipate needing more for a while). Here that’s happening, along with shock cord gluing for the Micro Fat Boy.IMG_7527And it’s done.IMG_7533
Here it is with little brother.IMG_7536


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