I’ve been doing some repair work. On the Fantom Mini I built up the damaged fin with wood filler. As for the crunched launch lug I cut it off at an angle. Some people do that deliberately; supposedly it reduces drag.IMG_7332 Then I touched up the black paint. The launch lug fillets look a little funky but I haven’t tried to do anything about them.IMG_7392 On the Ventris I sanded the old glue off the popped fin and reglued it, with epoxy this time. (Now there are two fins done with epoxy.) IMG_7329 New fillets are epoxy with milled fiber.IMG_7401These pictures are from a couple weeks ago; I was hoping for a repainted Ventris picture before posting them. Now I doubt if repainting will happen before Spring. Painted or not, the Ventris might have flown on Saturday if I hadn’t been LCO and/or if the weather had been better. I like the Ventris and one failed flight this season wasn’t enough.


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