Date in Dayton

NARCON is in Dayton, OH this year.

A few fellow club members went to NARCON in 2014 and I kind of wish I’d been there too — of course that was in Cocoa Beach, a way more exciting destination than Dayton. Especially in February. Dayton’s closer, though, and a lot closer than last year’s site. And I’ve sort of been feeling lately like I need a road trip. (Or possibly an air trip, or a rail trip, but road is leading in the polls at the moment.)

So I called the hotel today and reserved a room. It’s a cancelable reservation, I’m not completely committed to anything. But yeah, think I’ll be there.


2 thoughts on “Date in Dayton

  1. Forget rail. You can’t get there from here. As for flying, the lowest fare I see (with a long layover in Newark) is $340, or more like $400 for a decent itinerary, and I don’t think I want to do that. (The $340 flights literally take longer than driving, and even the good itineraries are not all that much faster than driving once you figure in travel to and from the airport and checkin.)

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