Building the Semroc Sprite (part 3)

The dried contact cement is… improved. Might never be beautiful.

These days if I can remember to I prefer to glue launch lugs on before fins, so I did that. Much easier to line it up without fins in the way, especially these fins.

These unshaped fins. The instructions specifically tell you not to shape the fins until later. I’m wondering how good that advice is but, granted, with the ring and the separate fin tips, these are odd fins and maybe should be done oddly. So I’m following that advice. I also decided not to fill (or paper) the fins at this time. Papering would be problematic given the late shaping and the fin tips. Filling and sanding likewise, plus these fins are pretty small (and the tips are smaller) so handling them while loose would be a pain.

So on they went, unfilled. Now I’m starting on the fillets.


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