Secret Santa 2018

Today was the Saturday before Thanksgiving, which meant Walt’s HobbyTown’s Secret Santa Sale and Open House, which meant Syracuse Rocket Club on display.

Last year I made stands to display model rocket motors, but this year I decided to remake them. On the black powder stand I’d unaccountably left out a hole for a 29 mm and on the composite stand the holes were a little too close together. The new ones are better.

I also made an Odd’l Rockets cutaway rocket motor.
After several years of bringing 29 mm rockets that had to lie down because there were no stands for them, I made a stand for three.Last year I made a stand for 18/24 mm rockets, but one post was crooked due to sloppy drilling. Fortunately it was on one end, so I was able to fix the problem by the simple expedient of sawing off the last position, reducing the capacity from five to four.They rearranged the layout of the event this year. We weren’t in the same corner we’ve been in forever.

Someone brought donuts.

Someone brought lots of motor casings.My rockets mostly were congregated on the side.Most of the ones in front were Dennis’s.
Dennis also made a model of our flying field.
We had a video slideshow going on the corner.The club’s upscale Saber, repaired though needing paint touch up, was there.
Attendance was down again this year, unfortunately. But we did talk to quite a few people, handed out most of our flyers. Maybe some of them will come to a launch.


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