Building the Estes D-Region Tomahawk (part 6)

Since last report I painted the thin dark grey band and touched up various masking failures. I glued on the nose cone tip, which miraculously went unlost.

Today I painted some of the screws. On the forums I’d seen a recommendation to use fine Microbrushes for this, and indeed that worked well. I’m going by the documentation in Howard Kuhn’s article in Model Rocketry v8 n3. I thought I’d have to paint some of the screws red, but it turns out they’re in the sections already painted red. (And the screws on the white fin can are supposed to be white.) For the other screws Kuhn’s diagram says “silver” but I used Testors aluminum paint. No information is given on the color of the umbilical; I just guessed and made that aluminum too. IMG_6915

I used the same  paint on the motor retainer.IMG_6918

I’d used gloss white on the body because I thought I’d need to apply the decals Estes provides; then I took a closer look at Kuhn’s article and found where it says “The D-Region carried no visible markings or insignia”, which seems to be borne out by the photos I’ve seen. Okay then. Looks like it’ll just need DullCote and a shock cord and it’ll be done.


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