Repairing three giveaway rockets (part 4)

Here’s #1 and #2:#1, the Freefall, I think is good to go, unless I decide to run into a dollar store and look for a paratrooper toy to stuff inside.

#2, not so much. I did a swing test and it failed utterly. It did swing nose forward with no motor installed, a test I did just to make sure my technique wasn’t entirely wrong. But even with a 1/4A, which is not a recommended motor for the Up Aerospace, it didn’t. I didn’t get as much weight into the nose as I thought; the Up Aerospace instructions say to use 3/4 of a 1/4 oz pat of clay, or about 5 grams (and the correct nose cone is longer and probably holds more volume). What I’ve got here is well short of that. I’m going to have to remove this nose cone and get another one to do it right.

On #3 the fins are on and filleted; time for finishing. (And probably some nose weight on this one too.)


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